The Five Laws of Business Writing

1. Always tell the truth

2. Every story is an experience

3. Every story has a hero

4. Every hero has a goal

5. Every hero must meet obstacles

Why truth?
Because in an age of information overkill, truth is rare.

Why experience?
Because the audience must connect and be transformed.

Why a hero?
Because someone must drive the story.

Why a goal?
Because the audience must always feel there’s a finish line.

Why obstacles?
Because nothing worthwhile – in business or life – comes without a struggle.

The following are two excellent references that helped deepen my understanding of the rules of good storytelling. I was influenced by the first book a long time ago, the second much more recently.

1. The Hero’s Journey (Joseph Campbell)

2. The Elements of Persuasion (Richard Maxwell and Robert Dickman)

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