Stop wasting your money on content

They keep saying content is king. 
The problem is, it’s simply not
true. As companies dump bigger and bigger truckloads of content onto the
internet every minute, search engines are getting smarter and smarter and filtering
most of it out. They’re making it harder and harder for mediocre content to be
searchable because they’re searching for content that
says something, grabs attention, and elicits a response.
In other words, search engines are looking for great content.
Content isn’t king. Great
content is king.
Lousy content, on the other hand, is a pauper without loyal
subjects. Hastily written articles and essays and white papers usually cost very little to produce. Anyone
can create it, and anyone does. Great content, publication-quality content, costs
money and requires time and skill to create. But boy is it worth it for those
companies that get it. Why? Because great content is rare to find on a corporate website or a corporate blog.

If you’re wondering just what falls into the category of “content” for marketing purposes, check out The Content Grid from Eloqua: 

Is your boss lukewarm to the idea of spending money on
Content Marketing? If so, he or she may be missing the forest for the trees. But it’s up to you to make the business case, as Chris Winfield writes
in an article entitled, Why Your CEO Doesn’t Care About Content Marketing

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