When entrepreneurs meet

Recently i went to a meetup for startups called startup grind. The guest speaker was Nir Eyal, a young serial entrepreneur. Nir talks about habits and habit formation, especially from an entrepreneur’s perspective.  Here’s a picture of some of the crowd that attended.

a Startup Grind meeting in Toronto
a Startup Grind meeting in Toronto

As he talked, a young woman artist illustrated his talk on a whiteboard.
You can see part of that illustration below.

When entrepeneurs meet

Story. Told visually.

That’s Nir passing through the shot 🙂

What I found most interesting was how his story built visually, based on a core concept:

behaviour = m.a.t.

m = motivation
a = ability
t = trigger

Together, they form a reinforcing loop that creates long lasting habits.

His blog — nirandfar.com — is quite different than most. While it is somewhat on the theoretical side, it has deep practical implications for any entrepreneur seeking success, and happy productivity.

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