How we search

How do people search when they go on line? Of course, this is a question for the ages… but an interesting answer appears in an article written by Joe Pulizzi of The Content Marketing Institute. It’s a couple of years old but still well worth the read. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 88% of clicks come from organic search (left side). The remaining 12% of clicks go to paid keywords (pay per click). Where are you spending more money?
  • The fastest growing type of keyword search is a length of eight words.
  • The type of search that converts at the highest rate is the four-word search.
  • 80% of readers coming to your blog (on average) are first timers.
  • 70% of searches are considered “long-tail searches” (see chart). Long-tail searches are less competitive and convert at a higher rate.

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