People don’t want creativity, they want results

As the frigid start to 2014 begins to recede from our memories, it’s worth remembering that risk is a four letter word for many people. Especially those in large corporations.

But risk is, well, a risk worth taking. Entrepreneurs — more than most other groups except perhaps gamblers, skydivers and other adrenalin junkies — are associated with the word risk. But the kind of risk they take on is nothing like the gambler’s risk. The gambler is playing the odds. The entrepreneur isn’t playing at all. He or she is in the creativity business. He or she is trying to create something out of nothing, trying to build something usable out of existing spare parts, technology, inner resources and willpower. But people don’t want creativity, which is part of the reason why entrepreneurs face so many financial hurdles. This article sums up the “creativity problem” very nicely.  

Creativity drives innovation and entrepreneurship. It’s the essential skill that leads to new and more efficient solutions to old problems. In theory, creativity is widely praised and desired. But, in reality, creative solutions are often met with pushback, sometimes even open hostility.Why? A creative idea is usually a novel one, which means it’s inherently more risky than the tried-and-true alternative. (People say they value creativity, but what they really celebrate are the successful results after the fact).

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